Our Story

Our Story


December 2016
ZNetLive conducted World Cloud Summit 2016 at Delhi and Mumbai. The event saw a huge gathering of leaders from hosting and cloud industry who discussed about the cloud market and future growth strategies.


June 2015
The Nationwide Cloud Connect 2015 (NWCC) was conducted by ZNetLive and Microsoft in 4 cities – Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. In these events, we discussed how new providers can benefit from the booming cloud market.
May 2015
ZNetLive launched the “Complete Online Bundle” (Domain name + Website + Business Email) in partnership with Microsoft to give SMBs an online platform at an affordable price (INR 199/month).
May 2015
ZNetLive helps resellers out with Plesk 12’s enhanced cloud services management.
April 2015
ZNetLive has received a 5 star rating based on 7,611 ratings and reviews from actual paying customers on Shopper Approved, an independent 3rd party customer feedback collection website.
April 2015
ZNetLive achieves Microsoft Silver Cloud Productivity, Silver Hosting and Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions. These Microsoft competencies enable ZNetLive to capitalize on the growing demand among enterprise customers for cloud and hybrid deployments of Microsoft products.
March 2015
ZNetLive sets up its new office in Gurgaon, India.
March 2015
ZNetLive becomes a one of the few certified “Cloud Solutions Provider” in Microsoft’s newly launched cloud adoption program for small and medium businesses (SMBs) in India.


May 2014
ZNetLive has received a 5 star rating based on 7,146 ratings and reviews from actual paying customers on Shopper Approved, an independent 3rd party customer feedback collection website.
May 2014
ZNetLive closed partnership with DropMySite – a website monitoring and automated backups provider for websites and MySQL/PostgreSQL databases.
April 2014
ZNetLive Implemented GlobalSign’s Automated CloudSSL Solutions to secure more shared hosting customers, more cost-effectively.


October 2013
ThemeChilly partners with ResellerClub – one of the largest private label Web solutions providers in the world.
May 2013
ZNetLive became a D&B’s Data Universal Numbering System (D-U-N-S® Number) Certified company. ZNetLive’s D&B D-U-N-S® Number is 85-933-1710. D&B’s D-U-N-S Number is the widely recognized standard for identifying businesses among thousands of companies, marketplaces and regulatory entities.
March 2013
ZNetlive set up its new office at Mumbai, India.


October 2012
ZNetLive got certified by Microsoft as an ‘SMB specialist’ – a company who has the proven ability to provide solutions for small and medium sized businesses.
September 2012
ZNetLive began operations in USA and opened its office at Texas.
July 2012
ZNetLive’s Mumbai datacenter facility got certified by Uptime Institute as a TIER IV data center.
April 2012
ZNetLive closed partnership with Softaculous, a commercial script library that automates the installation of commercial and open source web applications to a website.
January 2012
ZNetLive launched ‘ON’ panel and made it available to all customers.


April 2011
ZNetLive closed partnership with CloudLinux, a Linux Operating System for hosting providers.
February 2011
ZNet launches ThemeChilly, a niche provider of WordPress themes for web hosting and cloud industry.


November 2010
ZNetLive became Microsoft SPLA approved. The Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) enabled ZNetLive to license Microsoft products and customized services to its end customers with a flexible cost structure, no startup costs and no long term of commitment.
ZNetLive closed partnership with GlobalSign (WebTrust-certified authority company, and a founding member of the CA/Browser Forum, the certificate authority industry standards group), SmarterTool (a mail server software, help desk software, and web analytics provider for small businesses, web hosts, and ISPs.) and Rackspace (cloud, managed and hybrid hosting).


February 2006
ZNetLive closed partnership with Softlayer, a dedicated server, managed hosting and cloud computing provider.
January 2006
ZNet began working on its ERP Solution for data canter and hosting providers – ‘RACKNAP’ in ASP language.


October 2005
ZNet moves to its current 4 storied office at Jaipur and expands its team to a total of 46 employees. The customer support at this point was no longer outsourced and was completely in-house, managed by the CRM team 24x7x365.
January 2005
ZNet announces launch of ZNetLive, a venture catering to dedicated server and cloud customers.


November 2004
In order to align with company’s long term vision, Munesh Jadoun made dedicated servers and VPS as the core offering of ZNet and sold Reseller2Host to WIPL. At the time of selling, Reseller2Host had a total of 892 resellers from around the globe under its umbrella.


October 2003
Till now a reseller host, ZNet decided to expand operations and purchased its first dedicated server from WIPL, a then renowned name in Indian web hosting industry. At this point, the customer support of ZNet was outsourced to WIPL.
February 2003
ZNet launched its new venture “Reseller2Host.com”.


June 2002
The company reinvented its brand name as “ZNet India”, and set up its first physical office at Jaipur.


May 2001
Munesh Jadoun founded ZNet at Jaipur, India. Then known as “SwastikIndia.com”, the company began operations as a Reseller Host of a then renowned name in Indian web hosting industry.