RackNap is a complete business process automation software that provides a complete end-to-end service delivery and business automation platform for cloud and other IT service providers that covers all facets of business operations.

What makes RackNap a complete business automation solution?

Born out of need

With existing solutions failing to serve ZNet’s growing cloud business needs, RackNap was built in-house from ground up by ZNet’s development team.

Flexible & tested

RackNap is flexible enough to be integrated with all your existing systems. ZNet uses it to deliver cloud services, so RackNap comes bug-free and use-ready for you.

Cloud business automation

When multiple software are used by cloud and hosting service providers to deliver services, there’s information gap and zero automation. A 360 degree platform –RackNap is a standalone solution for all business needs of a cloud provider.

Tailored for customization

RackNap can be what a business wants it to be, so it’s available on both - SaaS model as RackNap Hosted and on On-premise model as RackNap On-premise.

Business Intelligence

RackNap provides Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics with deeper visibility into what’s going on for ability to make wise decisions.

Devil lies in the details!

What makes RackNap the beauty that it is?

Built in-house, RackNap leverages ZNet's 15 year of industry expertise; something that reflects in the most finest of its functionalities.